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Kickdown Kits

In Stainless Steel Braided Housing or Black Housing
KD-2350HT GM TH-350, Hi-Tech Kickdown Cable $65.95
KD-2350HT-BLACK GM TH-350, black housing $65.95
KD-2350TP GM TH-350, Tune-Port, Hi-Tech Kickdown Cable $65.95
KD-2350U GM TH-350, OEM style w/SS Bracket, black housing, (KDB-4350, bracket only, $19.95) $39.95
KD-2400HT TH-400, Hi-Tech Kickdown Cable $75.95
KD-2700HT GM 700-R4, Hi-Tech Kickdown Cable $65.95
KD-2700U GM 700-R4, black housing $65.95
KD-2700TP GM 700-R4 Tune-Port, Hi-Tech Kickdown Cable $65.95
KD-2700TPBLACK GM 700-R4 Tune-Port, black housing $65.95
KD-2200RHT GM 200-4R, Hi-Tech Kickdown Cable $65.95
KD-24L60HT GM 4L60, Hi-Tech Kickdown Cable $65.95
KD-2AODHT Ford AOD, Hi-Tech Kickdown Cable $65.95
KD-20C4HT Ford C-4


KD-20C6HT Ford C-6


Lokar’s "U-Cut-to-Fit" braided stainless Teflon-lined cable is designed with a specially extruded liner for extended life of the cable – not to be confused with ordinary brake hose.
Kickdown features aluminum fittings with ferrule to eliminate frayed cable ends.
Kickdowns are adaptable for all types of manifolds including tunnel ram, blower manifolds and Weber induction systems.
Mount our kickdown with our stainless steel carburetor bracket and return springs
(sold separately - see picture below. Complete instructions included in kit.


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